Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Colored Sprinkles

Life seems to be spinning these days. I wake up and suddenly the day is over and I'm exhausted! I'll share why later. For now, how about I share this.....
Ivy and Madison went to the groomer yesterday. She would never admit it but the groomer totally used a shorter guard on them than she usually does. I didn't say anything because I try to be low maintenance but even Scott was like, woah!! It's totally fine and not a big deal at all but we have in the books the length I like and it'd be neat if we followed it. Who cares. I love our groomer. She's sweet and is good to my girls. Plus Holly loved her which seals my approval. They'll look better in 2 weeks. We're just getting an early start to our summer trim apparently.
I watched the BCS National Championship last night (duh) and was super into it. I hate that some people were rooting against Alabama. What? You've gotta cheer for your fellow SEC!!! I will say I was just as interested in Miss Alabama's Twitter account as I was the game. I won't lie, I totally followed her. I was curious to see what her first tweet would be after she left the game as saw she went from 3,000 followers to 200,000. Donald Trump is all over this. No surprise there.
Since I watched the game last night I finally got the chance to watch The Bachelor tonight. Why do I watch this show? It's such a train wreck. I'm not even there and I'm experiencing the most awkward moment of my life ever----while watching the show. When the girls say something stupid, or fall over while attempting a backbend in their floor length evening gown, or get emotional and cry after being there 4 hours---I just can't handle it. I literally cringe in my comfy sweatpants. I can't wait to see who he picks followed by the Us Weekly coverage of their breakup which will no doubt leave me shocked. Seriously. I always believe they'll make it.

TCBY + Red Wine was for dinner. Screw bikinis in Jamaica. Some days require this.

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