Sunday, January 6, 2013


This morning my parents drove to my house to drop off Grace (I'm babysitting for a few weeks) and spent the day hanging out. They drove back home later this afternoon. It's a lot of driving for them but I'm glad they did it because I always love seeing my parents. I know I say it all the time but I sure do wish we lived in the same town.
Of course the girls are all beside themselves. They're happiest when they're all together. They got to romp around and play outside but then they got super stinky so they had to have a bath.
I felt bad giving Ivy and Madison a bath because they're getting groomed tomorrow. But since they sleep with me now and I change my sheets every Sunday, smell good puppies were a requirement. It was the first time I've given them a bath in my tub and I don't believe I'll be doing it again. 1.) they hated it---the big pool of water was super scary and 2.) I have to clean out my tub now. Annoying.
Now they smell sweet and look extra pretty! Worth the trouble.

My weekend was fun! Friday night was our classic--dinner in, Shark Tank, 20/20, movie. We're so boring but I love our Friday nights so much. Scott and I spent all day Saturday together which, sadly, doesn't happen real often. We worked out, lunched, shopped and dined together and it was really nice. We should do that every Saturday. Ha!!

Now I'm counting down the minutes until Revenge starts. I love that show!! I wish I watched Downton Abbey. Does anyone watch it? I know Season 3 starts tonight and everyone is so excited about it. It looks like a show that I would love but I don't know how to watch the previous episodes (for free). Any tips? If there's anything I need it's another television show to add to my DVR.

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