Friday, January 18, 2013

Dishy Dining

I've been able to find so many new items for my house lately and it's been so much fun! Scott and I ordered new dining room chairs and they arrived yesterday. I love my old chairs and think they're so beautiful. However, they were really throwing off the whole monochromatic gray, cream and white thing we've got going on in our house so I really wanted to get new ones. I love how the new chairs look and I'm really excited about the new additions!
We don't have a "formal" dining room. This space is right off/part of the kitchen like a breakfast nook. I really like that our house is designed that way. It's a really big space so our formal dining table fit perfect. Our old kitchen table would have been way too small. We only had 6 chairs previously but there's plenty of room for 8 which is great for when we're having a big group of friends over for dinner!
I'm going with Jodie to help her pick out a wig today. I hope we can find a really good one that looks real. I feel like it may be tricky but her oncologist gave us a list of places here in NWA that have wigs so hopefully we'll find something good. If not there's always online. I've seen many different wigs from the Raquel Welch line and they look really good so if we can't find one local I know we can get one from her site.
A post from me wouldn't be complete without a cute picture of these three girls! I better get moving. Lots to do today!