Saturday, January 19, 2013


Today I got my nails done for my trip! I know I'm super late to join in on the Shellac party but this was my first time to do it. So far it's winning over a regular manicure. They were completely dry 5 minutes after she painted them. That in itself is worth it because I always mess them up 17 seconds after I get in my car. I don't know why it's taken me so long to hop on board but I don't see myself ever looking back. Especially if they really do stay perfect for 2 weeks like everyone says they will.

I found some new sunglasses a few days ago. I lost my previous pair in the lake this past summer while I was water skiing. UGH. I hate myself for that. I can still feel them sliding down my leg. Major bummer. I loved those sunglasses. I like my new ones though! They're a little more funky with the lime green outlining the frames. I thought they'd be perfect for the beach!

I'm spending my evening packing. I'm so excited about my trip!! I'm in desperate need of a getaway where I can lay around and relax for a week. I need to turn my mind (and cell phone) off and just chill out for a bit.  Just a little over 35 hours to go!!


  1. Kara- I stumbled on your Insta a few months and love reading your blog! You are so cute and fun! I adore your style and sweet pups. I also live in area. I decided to come out of the shadows to say I will be keeping your MIL in my prayers and have a safe trip! Thanks for sharing your every day doings.
    Valarie :-)