Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Thursday & Friday

Janurary 24 was our anniversary and it was a great day! We decided to skip the gym and grab a big breakfast instead to start off our morning. After that it was pool time!
We grabbed our designated spot by the pool and immediately ordered our frozen "smoothies." Normally I would judge someone for having a drink at 10:30 am but I was on a much needed vacation so I gave myself (and Scott) a free pass for the week day.
Scott decided that he wanted to go play volleyball later in the afternoon so we left our pool seats and grabbed one by the beach. Scott loves beach volleyball. He always plays when we go on vacation and he gets so into it.
While Scott was playing volleyball something magical happened. My ridiculously straight hair that doesn't even have half an ounce of texture to it at all suddenly created beach waves. It was like, one of my greatest hair moments ever.
After we got plenty of sun we retreated to our room to get ready for dinner. We had a special surprise knock on our door. A bottle of champagne compliments of the resort for our anniversary! We sipped on that as we got ready for dinner and chose to go to a French restaurant for that special evening. I guess it's the nicest one at the resort because when we got there they wouldn't let Scott in because he was wearing flip flops and you couldn't wear open toed shoes. Oh my goodness did that make his blood boil. They were very nice, leather flip flops but I guess that wasn't good enough. As we walked away he looked at me and said "so I can't wear these flip flops but Nikes are okay? That makes a lot of sense. Look! That guy is wearing Nikes." I got so tickled at how much it bothered him. Luckily our room was close so he slipped on some loafers then we went back and were accepted into the restaurant the second try.
Our anniversary ended up being a great day and I was so excited that we were able to spend it in a fun place!
Friday was the same story as it has been: workout, pool, beach, drinks, lots of food.....

Later that evening we actually did something different. The resort had a "Secrets Got Talent" show that they had been encouraging the guests to participate in all week. I wasn't planning on participating but then they told us what the winning prize was so I signed myself up in .08 seconds. I put my vocal skills to good use and I won the grand prize! Woot Woot! We were so excited! So what is this grand prize? A 5 night trip back to the resort!!!! We figured there had to be some kind of catch but there isn't. All we have to do is pay for our flight to get there. How awesome is that? We're pretty pumped about it.

I'll blog about the rest of the trip tomorrow.....

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