Friday, February 1, 2013

From My Kitchen With Love

Every week I have a new house decorating project and this week I picked my kitchen.
I really love my kitchen. When Scott and I were house hunting one of the musts on our list was a white kitchen. We quickly learned they are very hard to come by. Thankfully we were able to find a house that had (almost) everything we wanted, including this white kitchen!
Anyone who ever comes to our house always comments on how much they love our plantation sink. I love it too!! It's nice to be able to wash dishes and not have water splash all over you, plus I think they just look really cool.
Now, for the decorating.
I feel like decorating kitchen countertops is quite daunting. Trying to look through Pinterest and magazines for inspiration is no help. The kitchens always look beautiful but every single photo shows fresh flowers, a pitcher of lemonade and a chopping board with asparagus laying on it as the countertop decor. It looks great but that's not real life. I'm not 100% done with my decorating yet but so far, this is what I've come up with.
I always think trays in kitchens look cool. Something else needs to go on it but I don't know what yet. And I'm not set on the limes but they'll do for now.
I've had that white artichoke for a while now but never had anything good to put with it. I decided I wanted a little color in my kitchen and thought a painting would look cool. Searching for art for my house is really challenging because I like pale colors and silver frames only. After looking everywhere and coming up empty handed, I decided to just buy a frame from Target and print off a picture I liked online on regular printing paper. If I hadn't just announced to the world that my pretty piece of art cost like, half a cent I'm fairly positive nobody would ever know.
So there's my kitchen! It's coming together and nothing makes me happier than one step closer to house decorating completion. Enjoy your weekend!!

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