Thursday, February 21, 2013


My living room is officially decorated and you cannot imagine how happy that makes me. I ordered a piece of furniture in November and it finally came in last week.
No more bare, empty walls in this house! The level of excitement I've reached now that my living room is done is a touch ridiculous. It's has taken almost a year to do and I'm really happy to see how it's all come together.
I had planned on doing a gallery wall going up my stairs but decided to put it in the little hallway leading to my bedroom instead. The large staircase wall was very overwhelming. The smaller space was easier to accomplish. I chose to do all personal photos instead of art like I had originally planned and I really like the feeling it gives the space. Even though I've seen the photos a million times I still enjoy pausing to look at them occasionally.
My house is snowy and icy and rainy and cold!!! I've kept warm inside all day but it's time for me to venture out and get a few last minute items for my party tonight.
Until tomorrow.....

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  1. LOVE!!!! My next're coming to decorate while I go away on a vacation.