Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Snow Bunnies

I'm gazing out the window enjoying the beautiful snow that's covering the ground right now. I love snow! I always hope for a huge snow storm every year where you get snowed in. I only want to be snowed in for a day though. I've been snowed in for 3 days once and I had cabin fever so bad. I let the girls play in the snow this morning and they had so much fun!!
I had to give them all a bath afterwards though because they were snowy and freezing so it ended up being a lot more trouble than it was worth. I need to buy them a little winter coat for these types of situations. I always thought they were pointless but I think they would help prevent them from getting wet and if they don't get wet they can play in the snow more and I won't have to give them a bath afterwards. It's a win win for everyone.
This past weekend Scott and I drove to Little Rock to attend a wedding. It was nice getting to visit with my parents and do a little shopping. I took a selfie before I left because I liked my outfit.
We got back late Sunday night and I immediately hopped on the couch to watch the Oscars.
I brought Grace back with me and the girls are all having a blast together.
Last night Scott was laying on the sofa and Madison hopped on top of him to snuggle. She totally invaded his personal space and thought his neck would be a good place to hang out. I thought it was so cute and funny so I decided to snap a picture of them. Madison and her Daddy are two of a kind. They're both blinkers. Scott always blinks in photos and Madison does too!! Drives me crazy....
And here's a photo of Ivy so she won't feel left out.....

Last night I had sushi with some girlfriends then came home and watched The Bachelor. It's not as good to me this year. I'm ready for Bachelor Pad!! 
I think I'm going to curl up on the sofa now and enjoy the pretty snow. Have a great day everyone!

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