Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Aunt Kara + Landon

The past few days with my favorite nephew have been fun. We spent the whole day together yesterday and in true fashion I took him to Toys R Us to get some new Legos. Landon is obsessed with Legos--especially the Ninjago ones. I'm so impressed that he can build them because it looks really hard to me. I've never attempted to build them though so maybe it's not. This particular set took him a little over 2 hours. Know what that means? Peace and quite for dear ol Aunt Kara.
I took that opportunity to flip through landscaping books and magazines. I love looking at stuff like that. Does anyone else or is it just me? I'm so ready for spring and plants/flowers! I can hardly contain my excitement. We're having someone come out to our house tomorrow to get the process started on landscaping our backyard and I can't wait. I have no idea what our budget will allow so I'm extra anxious to hear what he has to say.
Landon is in that awkward stage right now where his teeth look so silly. Six are missing and 3 are new....the rest are still his baby teeth. I can still remember what it felt like to have loose teeth and missing teeth and how exciting it was when the Tooth Fairy came. I was always too chicken to pull them out so they were beyond loose and hanging by a thread before I was willing to give them a tug.

I don't know what we have in store for today but it won't be much. I'm heading back home this afternoon. I miss my husband!! We're going to come back to Little Rock this weekend so Scott can see Landon. I think I'm going to leave Ivy and Madison here. Grace and Landon really want me to.

I'm in the kitchen blogging and Mom and Grammy are in here working a puzzle. Live coverage of the new Pope being announced is on the television in the living room right now. Landon went in there to watch it for a second then came into the kitchen and said "I think it's going to be a white guy."

Enjoy your Tuesday folks.

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