Wednesday, March 13, 2013


I got home yesterday and it felt so good to be back! I missed Scott, my home and my normal routine. I left the girls in Little Rock so Landon could play with them. He loves the puppies and I'm really pleased with how well they tolerate him. He's not rough at all--just very loud and moves a touch too swiftly for them. It's good for them though and I want them to learn to be okay with little kiddos. I snapped this picture of Landon and Madison yesterday and I think it's such an adorable photo!!
Before Grammy and I left Little Rock we, plus Mom and Landon, went to Chipotle to have lunch. I love their salads. I wish we had one in Rogers. I have a feeling I would eat there all the time if we did. Since we were close to Belk we popped in there to browse. We ended up in the kids section and Landon wanted Gamma to buy him these gorgeous shirts.
She's a wonderful grandmother because she obliged and we both chuckled while she was paying for them. It's definitely true that grandmothers do things for their grandchildren that they would never do for their kids. When I was little I wanted jelly shoes, those socks with different colored beads dangling from them and to paint each of my nails a different color. Mom always said no. At the time I was so sad. Clearly.....I still remember it. Looking back on it now, thank you Mom! I wish I had listened to you in high school when you tried to discourage those beautiful Birkenstocks I loved to wear.
Speaking of fashion, I thought I'd share mine with you. All next week I'm going to take pictures of my outfits and post them on here. I'm always trying to come up with something different I can do for the blog and I haven't done this before so I think it will be fun!


  1. Can I make a request that your outfits be work friendly?! (Or maybe just tell me how to make them work friendly, ha)

    I'm always looking for outfit looking forward to the new series!