Thursday, March 14, 2013


Having someone come out and discuss landscaping options for our backyard yesterday was a lot of fun! I was hoping our budget would stretch farther than it's going to but that's okay. We're going to do the main part first then slowly add to it over the next year or so. The guy who's doing it is a friend of ours and someone I've known since college. I loved his ideas and think it's going to turn out looking really beautiful. It's fun having a blank canvas to do whatever you want with. We're going to start by doing a big bed across the back of our fence. He suggested using Autumn Blaze Maples and Blue Atlas Cedars and I think they will look so good together!
I can't wait to see it all completed! It's going to make such a HUGE difference. I'll definitely post photos of the finished product. I'm not quite sure when we're going to get started but it's definitely going to be soon. I hope Ivy and Madison won't mind that their running space is going to get a touch smaller!!
Once we were finished with all of the landscape talk, I threw on my favorite red blazer then Scott and I met up with his Mom and some of her friends for dinner. I like Jodie's friends. They're all really sweet and fun to hang out with. 
Time to hop off. Lots to do today!

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