Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy Birthday Ivy & Madison!!

Today is Madison and Ivy's birthday!! They are officially ONE!! Of course we had to make the day really, really fun. We started out with special birthday hats! I was impressed with my girls because they actually allowed me to put them on their heads! Don't let me fool you. They lasted just long enough to get a couple of cute photos. 
They got a very special birthday cake this morning. We were in Little Rock this weekend so Ivy, Madison and Grace all got to enjoy it together. They all found it to be quite delicious. 
After indulging in the birthday bone and a special trip to PetSmart, we packed up and headed back home. I love this picture. This is my little family and I love all of them so much!!!! :)
Once we got home and settled in, I gave the girls their second special birthday treat--a mini cupcake!! Both of them only ate the frosting off the top. A few hours later they went back and finished it off.  It made Scott and I laugh! I'm glad we were in Little Rock this weekend so we could get them fun birthday treats. They don't have anywhere here in NWA where you can get goodies like that. 
After indulging in their goodies Ivy and Madison got to open a few presents. I know.....I'm so ridiculous!!!!! I can't help myself though!! I've slowly collected new toys over the last few months. The purple owl is Mr Owl 2.0. I got it for the girls this past Halloween and Madison loved it immediately. About a month ago she killed the poor guy so I got her another and she was SO happy to see it has returned. The red crab and red smiley thing also seem to be a favorite with Miss Madison. Madison really likes toys.
Gamma bought this frisbee just for Ivy today while we were at PetSmart and she is OBSESSED. I wanted to include it in the photo with all of the birthday toys above but Ivy wouldn't part with it long enough to let me do so. Ivy loves a frisbee as we discovered last week. I can't wait to take it outside and let her really get crazy with it!! 
I can't believe my little nuggets are ONE! I love these girls so much. They bring me so much joy, laughter, happiness and entertainment. One of the best decisions I've ever made was choosing to go with twins! I cannot imagine one without the other. They are soul mates. I know I say this all the time but Ivy and Madison love each other SO much. I love that they always get to have one another and that they got to share in their special day together. 
HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY IVY AND MADISON!! Momma and Daddy love you sweet girls SO much!!!


  1. Congratulations Madison and Ivy!! We are soooo happy you found such a wonderful family! We enjoy seeing your pictures so much :)
    --Hilda @ Puppy Place

  2. That last pic needs to be in a dog magazine. Way too cute!!!!!!