Monday, March 18, 2013

Outfit Of The Day // DOTS

All week long I'm going to be blogging about my daily outfits. Let me start by saying I'm no Rachel Zoe nor do I think I am. I love fashion and know a lot about it but I definitely don't consider myself an out of the box fashionista when it comes to my own style. My wardrobe is very simple consisting of a lot of jeans, even more dresses (the flowy-er the better) a rainbow of button downs and more blazers than I know what to do with. If someone asked me how I would describe my look, I would say......comfortable. Except for the shoes part! I draw major inspiration from my favorite fashion magazine, J Crew, covet Olivia Palermo's entire wardrobe and seek advice from my beloved fashionista, Tulip Louise, when a particular wardrobe piece stumps me. Overall, my look is simple, colorful and probably not much different than yours. Here's what I wore today!
I chose to layer these two tops, both from J Crew, and paired them with my favorite new jeans from the Gap. The weather right now is tricky and I don't like it. This past weekend I wore flip flops and today I had to pull out my trusty boots to keep my feet warm!
I blogged about these guys this past fall. I got them at Target and felt like I hit the jackpot! I had never gotten shoes at Target before these but now every time I go in there I take a peek at the shoe section. I'm surprised I haven't worn the soles off these little booties because they were my go-to's all fall/winter long. They go with nearly everything and are quite comfortable. I heart them.
Dirty hair = bun. Today I twisted it and pulled it into a side knot then threw a pretty headband on top to make it look like I tried hard (I didn't). The big necklace completed the look for me. I got it at Ann Taylor a few years ago. They have really great jewelry fyi. The necklace I'm wearing in my header (second pic to the right) came from there and someone actually asked me if it was real! Ha! I said yes. Just kidding, I didn't.
So that's todays look! You can find it all here, here and here.

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