Saturday, April 27, 2013

Bark For The Cure

This morning Scott and I participated in Bark For The Cure. We were so excited about taking Ivy and Madison because we knew they would just love it. We talked about it all night last night and how it would be one of the best days ever for them. Well.....we were wrong.
They did not like it. At all. The whole atmosphere terrified them and Ivy kept asking me to hold her. We totally had "those dogs." Scott and I were so bummed out. It's the exact opposite of how we thought they'd act.
They were very relieved when we finally got in the car and headed home. Oh well! Maybe next year. We may need to enroll them in some doggy daycare classes to get these two a little more socialized. They love going to other peoples homes who have dogs and get so excited when other dogs come to our house but I guess this was just a little too much for them.
We did end up having some super cool shirts to wear for the event. A group of Jodie's friends participated in Race For The Cure so we all got shirts to wear in support of her. I've mentioned before that Jodie has her pilot's license and most of her friends do too so that's why we did the plane theme.
Enjoy your Saturday folks!!

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