Friday, April 26, 2013

Down Came The Rain

It is a very rainy Friday here in NWA today. We were supposed to get our backyard landscaping done today. The guys came out and down came the rain so they left and are coming back on Monday. I cannot wait to see it all come together!! They left some of the trees in our yard and Scott and I are so impressed with the maples. Scott actually went out and measured them because he couldn't get over how big they are! 20 feet tall if you're curious. We're excited! We're going to have to throw a patio party when it's all finished. Wanna come?
I shared this photo on Instagram yesterday but not everyone who reads my blog follows me on Instagram (@kara2lou) so I thought I'd share it here too. My Madison is such a mess. She hung out like this while looking out of my bedroom window for a long time yesterday. It made me laugh.
I went to a fabric store today to meet with some girls about having curtains made in my living and dining room. I've been meeting with them since last fall but can't seem to find any fabrics I like. I think I finally found some today though!! I want a dark gray fabric for my living room and a sheer, breezy curtain for my dining room. I think these will look really great in my house and flow really well with everything. Now I just have to wait on them to send me an email with the prices. Fingers crossed they don't come back with an obscene number. Custom curtains can get extremely pricy for some reason.
After selecting the fabric I worked up an appetite and decided I needed to get a yummy snack. I went healthy and got an apple. Ha! I haven't had any chocolate/sugary snacks in about a month and it instantly gave me a tummy ache. Totally worth it though.
Ivy has the cutest little nubbin!!!! We're growing out the girls mini tail hair and Ivy's is crazy cute. It puts a smile on my face every time I look at it. Plus, she's a tail wagger and that thing is always going. I'm glad my girl is so happy!

TGIF!!! Enjoy your weekend everyone!!

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