Wednesday, April 24, 2013

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Today was typical in Kara's life---Errands. It's impressive how many there are. Like, how are there so many? I don't know but there are.
Scott has put me to work......a little bit. I'm (kinda officially) in charge of picking out lighting in the homes Scott and his dad build. I also spend hours on Pinterest just to keep on trend. Kitchens, Bathrooms, Living Spaces, etc. I like it!
Speaking of Pinterest....I don't know how it happened but I stumbled upon Kara's Stories on Pinterest! Some of you have pinned my photos and it's made me feel like such a celebrity. I was like "OMG SCOTT COME HERE AND LOOK AT THIS!!!" Scott isn't super invested in my blog. He reads it daily and that's kinda it. But even he was like "that's cool."
Scott visited his old stomping grounds today and did some consulting for Sara Lee. I guess they're starting up their relay again and need some help. We don't mind it one bit but I hope it doesn't interfere with our summer plans. Scott made a pact with me that he will (when he's able) work just half a day every Friday and spend the other half hanging with me. Also known as "Hyde Park Pool Time." SO READY for the pool to open.

I was so sure it was 11:00 and time for bed but looked at my phone and it said 9:30. What? Luxurious bath with bubbles and bath salts (so into bath salts right now) are calling my name. Nighty!!

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