Wednesday, April 3, 2013


I've mentioned before that Ivy is obsessed with water bottles. They are her favorite toy. I have this huge water bottle on my nightstand right now. I always like to have water beside me in case I wake up thirsty. I got tired of crawling in bed and getting really cozy then remembering I needed a glass of water so I decided to get a big water bottle and just leave it. Well it's plain driving Ivy crazy. She cries at it all day. I told her she can have it when I'm done but she's losing her patience. I walked into my room to this today.
She's like "HELLO!! I need the water bottle Mom. What else do I have to do to get your attention?" I only take a few sips a night so it'll be the weekend before I'm finished with it. I hope she can survive.

Scott called me yesterday to get some info out of me. He's filling out some kind of paperwork so he needed my social, drivers license number, height, weight, etc. He asked me what I wanted my weight to say and when I told him he said "Okay needs to be fairly close to accurate." What do you mean? I totally weigh 105 pounds. Rude.

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  1. LOL!!!! This made me chuckle. That sweet gal just wants to play!!