Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter 2013

I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend! Mine didn't go according to plan but it was still a good weekend. My Mom drove up to NWA on Thursday. My Dad wanted to take a photography class Saturday afternoon in Little Rock so he was going to drive up here after that. He ended up getting really sick though so Mom went back home on Saturday to take care of him. That left Scott and I with our original plans of being alone on Easter. We did end up inviting his Dad over for lunch then his Mom came for dinner. It was a lot of cooking on our part but we had a good time.
I took this picture of Scott and I before we left for church. I'm sad we didn't get any real photos taken of us. My Dad always wants to have a photo sesh on Easter but Scott's family aren't really 'let's take photos' kind of people so this was all I got. Oh well. At least it's something.
I did manage to get a cute picture of my little Easter Bunnies. Grace stayed behind to hang for the week.
The Easter service at our church is always in and out. They add an additional 2 services so it usually only lasts about 45 minutes. It's always really wonderful though and a ton of people show up. Scott and I got there 10 minutes early yesterday but we had to stand because they ran out of chairs. I think that's a pretty good problem to have!!
I hope your Easter weekend was wonderful! Now it's time for me to polish off some of those Easter lunch and dinner leftovers. Until tomorrow.....

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