Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Just Like Cotton

It has been a very rainy and dreary day here in Northwest Arkansas. I love waking up to rain!! It makes my bedroom so nice and dark and peaceful. If I could wake up to rain every morning I would be happy. I wouldn't want it to last all day though of course. This morning Scott and I went to the gym together. I like going to the gym with Scott. We don't work out together but it's just nice to go together. Once we got home I made some yummy scrambled eggs with tomatoes, onions and spinach then got ready for my day!
I had my weekly lunch date with Jaclyn at McAlisters today. After three and a half years we've gotten better about switching it up. Occasionally we opt for Flying Burrito but today we went with McAlisters. Yum. I love their tea so much. Poor Jaclyn has been missing out on it for a while now and it makes me feel bad to sip on it in front of her. I cannot imagine going 9 months without my half sweet//half unsweet with a tiny splash of lemonade beverage. I guess I'll have to some day though. What a bummer. It makes me sad just thinking about it.
After lunch I ran into Sephora to get some makeup. Makeup is tricky. I love it and enjoy trying out new colors and I think the whole concept of makeup is so fun but I do not like spending money on it. Anyone else agree?
After a few more errands I came home to these cuties.
I love these two! Their hair is so long right now and I love it but it gets so tangled. I have to brush them every day because they get knots and they don't like it. Ivy is tolerant but Madison hates it. If their hair didn't get matted I would always leave it longer but I'm tired of brushing them every day so next week they're going to get a summer buzz. One thing I do enjoy about brushing them is feeling the hair that gets collected in the brush afterwards. It literally feels like fresh picked cotton. It's so soft!!!!! People ask me all the time what I do to make their hair so soft. I don't do anything! They were just blessed with ridiculously soft hair! I also love that their hair doesn't shed. That's one of the many great perks of Shorkies!!
It's Wednesday night and my shows are starting now.
Until tomorrow....


  1. Just FYI: Suzannah is living, breathing proof that caffeine in moderation is fine during pregnancy. Don't deprive yourself when the time comes!!

  2. I was just going to ask why you can't have tea while pregnant, but Sydney's comment above seems to answer that. Also, I think when the time comes for me, I'll go with Sydney's advice and continue to consumer tea (and coffee...)