Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Johnson Tropics

I mentioned in yesterdays post that I wanted to have a tropical theme for my outdoor space this year. I feel like it relaxes me but it also gives me cravings to go to the Caribbean!! I guess I'll settle for listening to Coldplay on my outdoor speakers while my cute husband grills. It really is almost just as good as the beach!!
This is my favorite plant this year. I'm not actually sure what it is but I love it! I love the pink leaves. It's different than anything I've ever done. Speaking of things I've never done....
I did a lemon tree this year! That little guy to the left will soon produce yellow citrus goodness!! I'm so excited about it. I've always wanted a lemon tree. It will stay good year round if I bring it in during the winter. My garage has windows so I'm going to take care of it all year long. Being on the verge of OCD this is slightly stressful for me. I mean, anything but a car (or organized shelf with garage-y stuff) being in my garage gives me slight anxiety but I'm going to go for it. I think it will be worth it because lemon trees are just so darn cute!!
I actually got quite a few plants that will last year after year if I'm willing to bring them into my garage and take care of them in the winter. I'm planning on doing this but we'll see. It's hard to remember to water when it's January and freezing.
I love my little coffee table center piece. I still need to get a fake/timer candle to go in my lantern. I think my little bird is so cute!
I absolutely love my three tiered plant holder. It always looks so beautiful. I can see it from inside my house and it always looks so lovely.
I love gardening! I love flowers! I become more knowledgeable about them every year which gets my thumb more green every summer!! The nursery's where I get my flowers frequently comment that most people my age don't have an interest in flowers/plants. I believe I do because my Mom always devoted so much time in creating a beautiful yard and I enjoyed it so much that it spilled into me. My brother even buys flowers and makes his back porch look really pretty! It brings me so much joy and happiness. Scott could take it or leave it. He enjoys it but wouldn't be sad if we didn't have it. I would be sad if we didn't have flowers. Sure it takes a little bit of time to take care of them but it's definitely worth it to me.
Madison and Ivy haven't really said a whole lot to me about it but I think they're enjoying the pretty new flowers outside as well!

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