Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Joyful Year

A year ago today these precious little girls became a part of my life.
It's still so crazy to me how quickly these two entered my life. I was heartbroken over the loss of Holly and I was surprised (and honestly disturbed) by myself when I began searching for puppies online. It was simply for entertainment and a great distraction to look at puppies of all kinds. I started sharing cute photos with Scott and casually talked with him about getting puppies.
I'll never forget this one day that I was laying in bed when Scott called me and told me he was looking online and found these puppies that were really cute. They were Shorkies, just like Holly, which is what we always said we would get if we ever had pups again. I got online and fell in love immediately. I saw Ivy's picture first then clicked on the website and saw another girl was available as well.
The second I saw them I knew they belonged to me! I could not, not get them!! I was so nervous when I made the call to the breeder. While I was talking to her I was thinking "am I seriously doing this?" Ivy and Madison were ready to go a week before I got them but Scott and I had an out of town wedding to go to so I let them stay with their (birth) Momma until that weekend was over.
When the day rolled around that it was time to get them I was a nervous wreck. I was a mix of emotions. I couldn't believe I was doing what I was doing yet I was beyond excited.
We arrived at the airport at 11:00 am. I paid extra for the girls to get a quick flight to XNA. They normally would have arrived later in the afternoon but I didn't want them to be in a crate for very long. When we got to the desk to pick the girls up the guy who handed us the crate said he saw puppies come through every day but these were hands down the cutest he had ever seen! They were in a huge crate (which I appreciated very much) for two tiny girls. We didn't open it up and meet them until we got to the car. I have it on film and one of these days I'll put a video together to share with you all!
You can read all about the rest of that day here.

One Year Later....

It's so crazy to me how I had the girls pegged from the very first day. I nailed it!! One year later my opinion of them is still the same....

Ivy is no different from the day I met her. She is my skeptic. It takes her a while to trust you. Ivy gives the softest and sweetest kisses. She's my snuggle bug. She curls up in my curve every night and snoozes like an angel. Once I wake up in the morning and turn on the TV, she migrates onto my pillow and hangs until I get out of bed. She doesn't care if there isn't a spot for my head! Ivy is my little shadow. I can't even go to the bathroom without her. I don't bother shutting the door these days but when I do, her little nose peeks from under it. Ivy doesn't love everyone. She's sweet as pie and says hello to everybody she comes in contact with but you're special if you get Ivy love. Ivy is a tail wagger. Her little nubbin is always going. Ivy LOVES playing outside. She stands by the back door a lot asking to go out. Ivy's weakness is bones. That girl loves chewing a bone. It's her favorite thing but it takes her forever to finish one off. Ivy is still my little crier. She cries to get what she wants and it's so pitiful. It (almost) works every time.

Madison is my mess. This girl is not lacking in personality. We laugh at her all the time! Madison has so much love to give. If you spend the night at my house, Madison will come snooze with you at some point in the night. She's truly the most loving dog I've ever known. Madison HATES getting in trouble. Not kidding, I can simply give her the evil mom look and she will cower, run to me, ask me to pick her up, then kiss me all over. It's SO funny!! Madison is very smart. I wasn't so sure about her intelligence factor the first few months I had her but she is definitely a smartie. I keep their puppy pads in the laundry room and any time I go in there to do laundry Madison runs in and potties on the paper. She's like "see Mom! I know how to do it right."I actually have to stop her sometimes. I go to fold clothes in there and see her twirling around on the puppy pads and have to tell Madison not to go just to go. She looks at me like "but I want you to know I know how." Madison is OBSESSED with toys. She will typically fall asleep with a toy in her mouth.

Ivy and Madison
Ivy and Madison are the sweetest sisters I've ever known. They love each other SO SO SO much!! Ivy is definitely the dominant. Madison is for sure stronger but Ivy rules the roost. They may fight over toys and bones but they always look out for one another. They love us but are definitely each other's priorities and I love that. I'm so happy they always get to be together. They are so different yet so much alike. I know this is horrible to admit but when I see them from behind I sometimes don't know which is which!! Ivy and Madison have their things. Ivy's is bones and Madison's is toys. Every single morning I wake up to a bone and a toy in my bed. Every. Single. Morning. It makes me laugh.
Ivy and Madison have brought me so much joy within the last year. Looking back on it now, I feel like I didn't really enjoy their puppy stage because I was so ready for them to get potty trained and not destroy stuff. Actually, they still destroy stuff.....one year later. They aren't bad but they aren't perfectly good either!! Holly was perfect. They have perfection to be compared to! I wouldn't trade them though. I can't imagine life without these two sweet babies! They make me very happy and bring so much entertainment, joy and happiness to my life. It's been a really wonderful year with these two!!

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  1. Love this post! I feel honored to have raised(from birth to 9 weeks) your two sweet little girls :) I read your blog everyday. I am so glad Ivy and Madison are in such a wonderful family.
    --Hilda @ Puppy Place