Friday, May 24, 2013

One Hour Left

Yikes! I have major failed on blogging this week. It's been a crazy busy one.
In one hour I will kiss 27 goodbye. It's a blah birthday to me. There isn't a whole lot that's special about turning 28. Next year I feel as if I will freak out knowing it's my last year in my 20's. I know I'm still quite young but how did I get older all of a sudden? Cray.
To celebrate my birthday, I'm having my bestest friends over to grill and hang out on my patio. That's assuming Baby Girl Julian doesn't arrive before 6:00 tomorrow night. I've always said she would come on my birthday. However, Jake and I have a $50 bet and I wagered that she'll come on Sunday weighing 6 pounds, 2 ounces. Here's hoping I'm right. I could use fifty bucks. If Jaclyn goes into labor by 11:59 PM on Sunday I definitely think that's grounds for me winning.
Speaking of my bestie, we had lunch at McAlisters today. It was a moment for me. We've had lunch together at McAlisters every single week for over 3 years now. I feel like it was the last time as just us. Next time we meet we're going to be adding a tiny new friend to our weekly lunch date! I mentioned this to Jaclyn and she was like "no we'll have lunch next week." I'm not so sure about that!!
Sunday. 6 pounds, 2 ounces.
I think that tomorrow is going to be such a fun birthday! Scott and I are going to hang out at our neighborhood pool and you can't even comprehend my excitement!! I've been looking forward to the pool opening since September. I LOVE the Hyde Park pool. It's full of good company and fun times!! The plan for the day is that we start it out at the gym. After that, my father-in-law wants to take me to breakfast/brunch at The Egg and I. It's new here to NWA and apparently it's a chain? I dunno but supposedly it's heavenly. After that I'm throwing on my swimsuit and parking myself next to the pool until about.....4:00. Then I'll get ready to enjoy the rest of the day with my friends!! I'm so looking forward to it!
And since I can't do a post without mentioning my girls.....
We bought them a new toy today. I rarely buy them toys because....they have a zillion of them. This boomerang seemed like something they would really love so we got it and they do. Madison played with it all night. Notice Ivy's got her bone next to her. So typical!
Speaking of my sweet girls....their first (human) Momma, Hilda, reads my blog. Hey Hilda! I love that she helped create these two precious puppies and that she's still invested in their life. Hilda left me the sweetest comment on Tuesday's post saying she reads my blog every day and that just means so much to me. If anyone is looking into getting a puppy I know of a great place!!
If anyone needs a dog toy I bet we could spare one. Where's Madison?

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