Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Control Z Fail

I just wrote an entire blog post that took me 35 minutes to do and while proofing it the whole thing managed to freaking disappear. Seriously? Control Z, control Z, CONTROL Z.Z.Z.Z.Z!!! Didn't work. I may have said a bad word. Over it.
Here's how it went in a nutshell.
I sent Landon a birthday card with 50$. He sent me this thank you note today. I love it and will keep it forever!
These two played outside today and got ridiculously filthy. It's never taken me so long to give them a bath because they were covered in the mulch from my new landscaping. The landscaping adds a whole new element of fun for their outdoor adventures. Unfortunately it makes them extra dirty. They look like they have black booties on!! Crazy girls.
I'll post pics of my new landscaping soon. We love it so much!!!
I'm tired and off to bed. Now that it's spring/summer (otherwise known as a nice winter this year) I'm having that 'dreadful bright light beaming through my windows' problem again. I need new curtains with blackout backing on them. They have some at Pottery Barn that would work perfectly and I want them so bad.....In case anyone was wondering what I would like for my birthday which is in 18 days.
That's all....

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