Monday, May 6, 2013

House Plants

Hey all! How was your weekend? Hopefully great!! Nothing to report here. It's been a busy week with everything that's been going on with us.
Should we talk about how it snowed in May here in NWA or are we all over that topic? I always love snow but this one managed to make me just so confused. I stayed at Jodie's the night before and my car wasn't in a garage so when I left early in the morning to go home my car was COVERED in snow. I felt so stupid driving home because it was clear everyone else had their car parked in the garage. I couldn't see out of my windows and I usually have a snow scraper but it somehow disappeared the one day I needed it. I thought if I cracked my window a hair it would magically make all of the snow slide off. It was really a grand idea except when I nudged the window button I couldn't make it stop and a whole blanket of snow fell inside my car. Fail.
It was finally pretty today, still slightly cold (especially for MAY) but pretty so I celebrated with bright colors.
I ate a yummy lunch with Jaclyn (at McAlisters, duh) today then headed to Jodie's after. I brought Ivy and Madison with me. They love getting out of the house and there's no sense in leaving them at home. I was helping Jodie with something when I noticed I hadn't seen the girls in about 5 minutes. If I can hear them I don't worry but if they've disappeared and it's silent I know they're up to something. Sure enough I walked into the kitchen and noticed a leaf on one of Jodie's house plants (that they'd been toying with all day) was half eaten. I wasn't too alarmed but decided I better google 'Poisonous House Plants' to be on the safe side. Low and behold that particular plant was listed in the top 10.
I called the vet to ask them if I needed to be worried when they told me I had 15 minutes to get some hydrogen peroxide down them to make them throw up. Umm...who has that just lying around? Scott literally walked into the house at that moment when I (dramatically with the vet still on the phone) said "Get in the car and take them to the doctor you have 5 minutes!!!!!!!"
He hopped in the car and took off with the girls. A few minutes later I managed to get Jodie in the car so I could be there too. By the time I arrived the vet had already looked them over and didn't think they'd ingested enough (I cut the leaf off the plant to show them how much they ate) to even worry about making them throw up. They told me to stay with them for the rest of the day and watch out for certain signs but other than that they felt like the girls would be okay. Thankfully they have acted fine all day and I haven't noticed anything that would alarm me.

We are so bad......

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