Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Life Today

This is what I did today. 
Woke up, went to pilates, came home, watered flowers, got dressed. Grabbed Subway to go, drove to Fayetteville, ate my turkey and ham sandwich in my car. Worked an event in Fayetteville for my parents. Drove back to Rogers, popped in TJ Maxx, Ulta then Walmart. Got completely soaked---thanks to the pouring rain---while loading my groceries into my car. 
Came home, made dinner and now I'm doing this. Once I'm finished I'll watch Modern Family then Nashville, shower and hop into bed.
That's it.
Oh and also this....
Today is my brothers birthday! I would guess this is a photo from his 6th or 7th birthday. How much does this look like Landon?!! It's so crazy to me how much they resemble one another!!!!!!! 
Happy 31st Birthday Kyle! I hope you've had a really nice day. 

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