Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Power Salad

I've been making the most delicious salad for lunch lately. There's nothing special about it except for my new salad dressing that I found. I actually look forward to eating it. I always try to eat a salad at home for lunch at least twice a week but something else, like a lean cuisine, always sounds better. However, ever since I've found my new salad dressing I crave a salad loaded with my favorite fruits and vegetables instead! I call it my power salad. YUM.

Last night we (per usual) spent the evening outside. The girls LOVE going outside. I don't mind them being outside so much except it adds a slight level of stress for me. There used to be a spot under the fence that they could get under but we had it fixed so that worry went away. However, about 2 weeks ago we were all hanging outside when we spotted four hawks circling over our house. Scott leaped up faster than I could, grabbed the girls and put them inside. A hawk taking my baby has been a fear of mine forever. I worried about it with Holly and now with Ivy and Madison. I cannot imagine anything worse than watching that happen right before my eyes. I have nightmares and wake up in a pool of sweat on a weekly basis---and have for years!!!! Now that we had such a close (I feel like) call it's happened almost nightly. I never let the girls go outside on their own. I'm always right there with them and I'm so overly cautious but I never fail to let my mind go to the worst places.
All my dramatic fears being said, the girls love outside and Ivy has really enjoyed our landscaping as proof from this photo.
She looks like a homeless puppy!! We're having to water our new trees a lot right now and Ivy somehow manages to get extremely filthy by walking in the wet mulch around them. It's so frustrating because I have to give her a bath and it takes FOREVER to get the dirt and mulch off her. She loves it though!!
We can usually distract both of them from getting muddy with the frisbee. They still love this thing. Gamma bought them an indoor frisbee and that toy is so annoying. They're both relentless and ask you to throw it all. day. long. We've finally gotten to where we hide it from them. One can only be entertained with throwing a frisbee for so long.

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