Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Last Weekend...

With all of the royal baby news to report on yesterday I didn't get to blog about my weekend and I want to because it was a good one! On Friday night I went to Emerson's house to play!!! We had a great time and she's still such a good baby. Jaclyn and Brad are so lucky!! I hogged her for most of the evening. What can I say? I'm in love with this little one!!!
On Saturday Scott and I ate lunch at the new Slim Chicken's location in Rogers. I'm so glad they moved because Slim's is one of my favorites but I've probably eaten there 5 times since I've moved to Rogers/Bentonville from Fayetteville. It was in a location that I was never around and it never occurred to me to eat there. It's really good (and probably bad) for me that it's in a spot that I'm around all of the time now!
After my chicks plate, Scott and I put on our swimsuits and met up with our neighbors at the pool. Midway through the day, Nikki and I decided to go to the store and grab some steaks for us to all grill together for dinner. While everyone else stayed at the pool to hang out, I retreated to my house to watch Miss Arkansas online. It's fair to say I was beyond delighted with the results! The new Miss Arkansas is a friend of mine and you know what I do when my friends win Miss Arkansas......I go to Miss America to cheer them on!! Atlantic City here I come!!!
Ivy and Madison got their hair cut today and don't they look so cute!! While they were at the beauty shop I was at home glued to the news watching all things royal baby. I was determined to see them walk out with the new little prince (live) and I sat on the sofa for an entire hour thinking "any minute now!!!" I wouldn't even go to the bathroom because I was afraid I would miss it. They finally emerged and if a camera had been on me it would have showed a huge grin across my face the entire time. I just love the royals. However, I'm glad I can go on with my life now. I've spent the last two days majorly invested in this baby and while I'm glad I got to see history in the making, I'm a little exhausted by it!

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