Monday, July 22, 2013

Royal Baby Watch

I woke up unusually early this morning and gasped with excitement when I turned on the television and saw that Kate was in labor!! I cannot lie to you, I've stayed home all day on royal baby watch. However, by 1:30 I got tired of being glued to the news so I changed the channel and OF COURSE just 45 minutes later they finally made the announcement that William and Kate had a boy!! I was super surprised. I just knew it was going to be a girl.....I was hoping for a girl. However, if I were Kate I would probably have wanted a boy so my daughter wouldn't have to have that pressure of being the Queen one day.
It's been fun watching Kate these last few months. I'm such a sucker for all things Royal Family. I woke up early to watch the wedding and love reading articles about the royals! This was my favorite maternity outfit Kate wore with the leopard dress coming in at a close second!
Now I'm on pins and needles to see what they've chosen for his name! Everyone kept saying Diana if it was a girl but nobody has mentioned Spencer for a boy to honor Williams mother. I think Spencer would be a great choice! We shall see!!!!


  1. I love that name Spencer. :D I was so excited to hear too! :D

    1. It's so fun to me!! Glad you enjoy the royal family too!!