Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My Madison

Today's post is dedicated to my crazy Madison. I'll do one on Ivy tomorrow. I like to look back from time to time and read what they're up to and see how they've changed so this is pretty much for me but hopefully you'll enjoy it as well!
Crazy Madison, where do I begin? Madison is such a sweetheart. Right when we wake up and I flip on the TV, Madison hops on me and lays her neck on my face because she likes for me to kiss it! It's so funny and she does it every morning. It's our little thing. At night Madison is usually cuddled up with Scott. She likes to burrow herself under our comforter when she sleeps but occasionally I'll wake up in the middle of the night and find her on Scott's pillow. In the morning she switches and gets on my pillow.
Madison constantly walks around with a toy in her mouth. It may look cute for a little bit but after a while it gets super annoying!!! She'll will literally hold a toy in her mouth for 45 minutes without putting it down once. She even falls asleep with them in her mouth sometimes. I don't understand why she always has to have one but she does. Madison LOVES toys.

Madison loves to play fetch. She'll walk up to you, set a toy down then bark at you until you throw it. It drives me crazy and she is relentless!!!!!!! I hate to say it but Madison is a barker. She has a voice and loves to use it. Sometimes it's nice when she communicates with it because it helps me know what she wants but for the most part it's super annoying. Usually I can just say "enough!!!!!" and she'll stop. I wish she didn't like to talk so much.
Madison always lets Ivy eat first and I think it's so sweet. She'll just sit there in the morning and patiently wait until Ivy is finished. Watch out if you're giving them a treat though because Madison will literally knock Ivy out of the way to try to get them both! Whenever the food or water bowl is empty Madison will take both paws and claw at it like she's digging to China going ninety to nothing. It's really funny and very nice because sometimes I'm not paying attention to their food/water bowl and I like that she lets me know when she's hungry or thirsty! (For the record I don't let their water bowl get empty very often but sometimes they're playing hard and go through it really fast....I don't let my dogs go thirsty I promise!!)
Madison is such a sweetie! She's so loving and gives away so many kisses. Madison is a really good girl and you can tell she is always happy and loves life! She's such a tough dog but a major scaredy cat. It's weird because it's totally opposite of her outgoing personality but she is such a wimp when it comes to some things!!! She's a mess that's for sure but I love this little munchkin so much!!

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