Tuesday, July 16, 2013

TV Trash Talk

This is what my mornings almost always look like. A warm cappuccino in hand while watching Good Morning America and the host chat of Kelly and Michael. It's one of my favorite parts of my day!
It's been a gloomy day and I'm thankful for it! We needed some rain. I've spent the day running a few errands and now I'm just sitting here waiting for my husband to come home. As you can tell, nothing too exciting going on here.
Except, well....I am ridiculously excited about the Gulianna and Bill premiere tonight. It's kind of stupid how excited I am about it. I'm also obsessed with Big Brother this year. I mean, I always am but this is a good season. My favorites are Elissa, Helen and especially Amanda. Howard is pretty cool too. Aaryn and GinaMarie have got to go. I am truly blown away by those two especially Aaryn. Pretty mean girls are the worst!!! I know this sounds mean but I'm really curious to see what she thinks about life once she gets out of the Big Brother house and what she's going to do to try to save herself. Do you think if she leaves the house before going to jury that the audience will boo her when she walks out of the door? Will Julie tell her she's been fired? Also, I'm SO SO confused that GinaMarie is a (former, unbeknownst to her) pageant coordinator. She's not like anyone I know in the pageant world....quite the opposite really. And she says yous all the time and it drives me cray!!! Ugh. She's gross.
That's about all of the Big Brother trash talk I've got for today. Any of you want to share your Big Brother thoughts with me? No need to worry about spoilers here. I've already looked up who got MVP, who was put up on the block and who won the veto. Normally I don't like to know that in advance but I can't seem to help myself this year!!!!
I got the girls this frisbee when I was in Little Rock and they're obsessed. It's their new favorite toy. Makes me so proud.

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  1. I'm a huge big brother fan! I am liking this season pretty well so far. I'm not a fan of the mvp since i think it is pointless if Elissa wins every week. I don't know how good this crew is as far as tactics go. I record after dark every night and watch the next day now that it is on my regular channels. Love it! Helen is my favorite right now. She is so mature and motherly, but not in an annoying way (yet).