Monday, July 15, 2013

Sweet Warm Fuzzies

Life is back to normal for Aunt Kara. Landon went home yesterday. We had a good time! My Mom came up on Thursday night. We spent most of Saturday and Sunday at the pool and Landon played with a lot of the neighborhood kiddos. One little boy his age even came over on Saturday night to play Pokemon. While they were doing that Mom, Scott and I made a shrimp boil.
It was really good! We were a little unconventional and had lots of different vegetables instead of corn and potatoes and I liked it.
I learned one thing about my home last week. It's not kid friendly at all. My new (cream) dining room chairs got chocolate milk spilled all over them one night and my glass coffee table consistently had smudge prints on it. I asked Landon to eat his snack at the bar one night and I turned around to see that he was sitting in the bar stool but had pulled it super far out so he could get a better view of the television.
That's not really eating at the bar buddy!! I'm totally going to struggle with the mess one day. I'm way too OCD. I watched Landon pour his own syrup on his pancakes for breakfast one morning and it wasn't a clean pour. Syrup was all over the cap and a little even slid down Mrs. Butterworths face. I cringe just thinking about it. 
However, my OCD seems to be pushed aside when I look at his sweet little face! Watching him grin really big when Kevin McAlister is reunited with his mother in Home Alone or listening to his cute little laugh when something is funny gives me the biggest warm fuzzies!! Nothing was cuter last week then when Scott said "Oh Kara, FYI the air conditioner people are coming tomorrow" to which Landon replied by proudly saying "I know what FYI means, it means just so you know!" 
He's a mess! I love my little nephew so much and I'm glad we've started the tradition of him staying for a week with me every summer!!
Gracie also went back home yesterday and Ivy and Madison were really bummed about it. They asked me if they could go to Gamma's house with Landon and Grace but I would miss my sweet little babies too much so I had to say no. I love my little girls!!


  1. I seriously think about you several times a week while I'm cleaning my filth of a house... Thinking, "Kara is gonna die when she has messy kids." LOL. I've finally had to let my clean house OCD go out the window..... Sooooo hard!!!!

    1. OMG I am soooooooo not going to be able to handle it!