Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Red Peppers

Happy Hump Day! I'm pretty sure that today is up there in the "laziest day ever" category. I haven't left the house once today. That doesn't necessarily mean I wasn't busy doing stuff but it was kinda awkward when my parents asked me if it was really hot up here today and I couldn't give them an answer because I literally haven't stepped outside of my house.
Landon LOVES staying home. My family always talks about how hard it is to get him out of the house. He's just a homebody and always has been. We've had a Harry Potter marathon today and I won't try to pretend like I didn't like it. Around 3:00 I decided I should probably hop in the shower and change from my pajamas to my favorite sweat pants and t-shirt and I encouraged Landon to do the same.
Tonight I made a delicious dinner!! Landon is not picky and blows me away with how well he eats but there are a few things that are apparently disgusting and red peppers is one of them. My dish had red peppers in it and that didn't go over too well. He left the table to do this in protest.
Since the beginning days of mine and Scott's relationship we've always said that we won't make different meals for our kids. They'll eat what we eat and if they don't like it....sorry! Tonight totally tested our plan and it was SO HARD to stick to it but we did. I felt really bad that he didn't like dinner and I wanted to make him something that he would think was so yummy but I just couldn't allow myself to cook a different meal for him. Landon loves salad (which we had with our meal) so I gave him extra and that's what his dinner consisted of. He was "so starving" and his "stomach was about to growl" but oh well!! Scott and I will be such mean parents when it comes to food.
I told these two that Grace and Gamma are coming up tomorrow and they won't stop looking at the garage door. I love these little girls SO MUCH!! They've been extra adorable today. :)

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