Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Life With An 8 Year Old

Yesterday Landon and I stayed at home all day and sporadically went to the pool to hang out. It was all good with me but I needed to get out and moving today. I really wanted to take him to Crystal Bridges so we took off in that direction today but apparently they're closed on Tuesday. I decided to entertain him with the downtown Bentonville area instead!
I took him to the Walton five and dime first. I thought he would be bored but he actually really enjoyed it! Not necessarily the museum part but the old toys....Landon thought those were really cool.
After we toured the museum we went to the Walmart Cafe. It's an old diner where you can get malts and watch old movies and feel like you're living in the 50's. It's so super cute! Landon got a "delicious" vanilla milkshake with whipped cream and a cherry on top. It cost $4.95 and he probably had 6 sips of it which is fine but like, what a total waste.
After we explored downtown Bentonville we came home and watched Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Landon is SOOOOO into Harry Potter. I take all of the credit for that. He LOVES it and I'm always up for watching HP so it works out perfectly. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 came on HBO this morning at 10:00 and we totally laid in my bed (in our PJ's) and watched the whole thing before getting up and moving around. He loved his lazy morning and I did too!!
Life with an 8 year old is easy. Landon stayed with me for a week last summer and it was TOTALLY different. Now he does his own thing and doesn't need me for anything at all. He's been glued to my iPad and downloads free games and plays with it every hour of every minute that we're at home. It's kind of (really) nice but also annoying. How can games be that entertaining? I'm glad he's enjoyed the games and it really has made my life easy breezy but I think it's time for the iPad battery to die. It's getting to be too much!!!
Although it's hard to say no to this little guy!! Landon got on ebay tonight and tried to convince Scott and I to buy these Pokemon things that were "such a good deal it's crazy." Scott took me around the corner and looked like a (whispering) football coach while expressing that we needed to stand our ground and say no, no matter how convincing he is. Not that I would ever even consider spending money on Pokemon anyway because 1.) what is Pokemon? and 2.) Seriously, what's Pokemon?
It's pretty funny because Scott thinks he's going to be the tough parent but our kids are TOTALLY going to have him wrapped around their pinky fingers. WAPAH!! (if you aren't a Friends fan you totally won't get that)

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