Monday, July 8, 2013

Kyle + Jennifer

As some of you may know, my brother got married on Saturday! The wedding was really, really nice and everyone had a great time!!
Scott and I on our way to the wedding....
Landon was the best man and he loved having that title! He stood up there like such a big boy and gave the sweetest speech at the reception!! He also had SO MUCH FUN dancing. There were many a times where everyone formed a circle around him chanting "Go Landon, Go Landon..." and he loved it.
The venue was so, so pretty. It's a loft in downtown Little Rock and the most amazing background for any type of special event. You walk into a door from the street and up a lot of stairs then come to a small little landing. If you take a left you walk up a couple of steps to find this room which is where the ceremony took place.
If you take a right you walk up a few steps and into this room which is where they had the reception. It's seriously one of the coolest wedding venue's I've ever been in.

Now for a few party pics!

I feel really bad because this post is dedicated to my brothers wedding and I somehow managed to not get a single picture of the bride or groom the whole night!!!!!! I guess I was too busy dancing. Maybe I can post a few photos once they get them back from the photographer!
Speaking of the bride and groom, they're spending the week in Jamaica at the same resort Scott and I went to in January! While they're on their honeymoon, Landon is in NWA with me! We have a lot of fun stuff planned for the week. Landon wants to spend all afternoon at the pool today. Works for me!

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  1. That ceremony space is gorgeous! Love love love the draped fabric and chandeliers.