Friday, July 5, 2013

2nd Annual Firecracker Fourth

We celebrated Independence Day with my neighbors at our 2nd Annual Firecracker Fourth. I spent all day Wednesday getting prepped for it and even went for a late night swim with some of my favorite neighbors at 2 AM once the decorations were up! Ha!! It was a fun day.
Yesterday was great!!! We had a huge turnout and I think everyone had a great time.
We grilled hotdogs and everyone brought a side to go with them. Yummy!!
Me and Nikki aka Firecracker Fourth Party Planners!!!
 Landon, ScoJo (everyone in HP calls Scott ScoJo) and Levi
 Me and Landry, my favorite 10 year old.
 Showing my American pride by adding flags to my front porch this year!!
Would anybody like a hotdog? We have 100 of them.
Because you can't have a party without a few pretty flowers!!!
The master griller!
Where the big 4th of July party took place! (Stole this photo from Nikki's facebook)

Best. Neighborhood. Ever.
Already looking forward to next year!

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