Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Babies Of All Sorts

I had my weekly lunch date with Jaclyn at McAlisters today and 4 years of half sweet // half unsweet tea later, we officially became a party of three! I know it sounds silly but I felt like it was kind of a big deal. Jaclyn told me she was pregnant when we were having lunch at McAlisters. Emerson has been our favorite subject to talk about over spuds and chicken tortilla soup for months and months!! For Emmy to finally tag along (in person) today was quite surreal!!
After lunch we migrated to my house to hang out all afternoon and Emerson was a perfect little angel the entire time.....of course. She is such a good, sweet, quiet, chill, happy, content, precious baby. (Here's hoping my BF doesn't defriend me if I just jinxed that.)
Speaking of babies, my babies are masters at hogging the bed. I swore when I first got them (and many months after) that I wouldn't let them sleep with us but low and behold......they do. I find myself removing Madison from my pillow many times a night and Ivy glues herself next to me while she sleeps which is also annoying. Thankfully Grace likes her space so she stays out of the way.
And now that we're talking about Gracie...........isn't she cute?!!!!!

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