Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Girls

What have the girls been up to this week you've wondered? Well, I'll tell ya.
They both got their favorite thing in the whole world---a new bone. (Bone is their favorite word) However, Madison's was better than Ivy's so Ivy pouted next to her while Madison chowed down. In case you didn't know, one bone is always better than the other one.
After a few minutes of torture Ivy decided she just couldn't take it anymore.
So Ivy decided she would help Madison eat her bone. And being the sweet sister that she is, Madison obliged.
We got new lifejackets in case we go on Pops and Gamma's boat this summer.

They've learned how to break through the baby gate no matter how good I think I fix it to where they can't. I guess they're tired of being put up when I leave but they haven't been doing anything bad so I'm letting them have it....for now.
They love peaches!!
They love going for walks!
Ivy has this new thing where she likes to get in my bathtub. (Not when I'm in it of course) I don't know why she started doing this or what she thinks is so fun about being in there but she probably hops in it a zillion times a day. I don't really mind it except she can't get out!! I'll hear a pitiful cry from across the house and I know it's my little Ivy, stuck in my bathtub. She's such a mess!

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