Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Flower Cheer

These beauties are currently resting on my dining table and I love looking at them. The roses and carnations are from Walmart but I cut the hydrangeas from my own garden. I have loved my hydrangeas this year. They've quadrupled in size from last year. It's crazy how much they've grown! I'm kind of getting tired of taking care of my flowers and watering them every day though. I wish I could invent some type of sprinkler system for flower pots. Watering them is getting old but I sure will miss them in the fall and winter. Flowers are just so cheerful!
Madison played with this cow all morning. I have no idea how she could see where she was going.
We're going to Little Rock for the game this weekend and I'm looking forward to it. Tailgating in Little Rock is so much fun. I'm not actually going in to the game so I'm thinking about bringing the girls to the tailgate. They would LOVE it. Plus they look so cute in their Razorback jerseys. We'll see....
A black bear was spotted roaming around NWA today so that was kind of odd. Other than that the day was pretty typical. Until tomorrow....

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