Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Labor Weekend 2013

I had a great Labor Day weekend! Scott and I didn't do much on Friday but the rest of the weekend was packed full of activities.
Grace, my parents and their friends, The Gobers, came up on Saturday for the football game and stayed with us. Scott and I opted out of the football game since it was so stinkin hot. We stayed home to cheer on the Hogs instead. It felt like Christmas morning when I woke up on Saturday. I love waking up and turning on Game Day during football season. I know it's kind of surprising to some of you that I enjoy watching that but I love it!
Since Jax so conveniently lives right down the street, she came over and hung out with me for the evening. We went to Papa Murphy's and got a couple of take and bake pizzas (I love their take and bake pizzas!!!) then we walked around the neighborhood and snooped through some of the homes that are being built.
My parents and the Gobers left after a late lunch on Sunday but Gracie is staying with us for the week. We didn't do much Sunday afternoon but later that evening we had a wedding to go to. My friend (and neighbor) got married and the wedding was so, so fun and so beautiful! They served iced tea and lemonade in mason jars and let me just say, I love drinking out of a mason jar. I think I may have to go get some to have around my house.
Scott and I spent the entire day on Monday at our pool. The grill was going pretty much all day long and I constantly munched on queso that I made. We had some leftover hot dogs from the 4th of July that I took home and froze so we had a lot of hot dogs for the neighborhood to enjoy. Also, one of my neighbors is an amazefest cook and he brought steak, pork chops, shrimp, corn and plantains for us and it was heavenly! Definitely a Labor Day meal fit for a king! For dinner we grilled some burgers and had mac and cheese and BBQ beans on the side. Basically I ate all day long. It was worth it.
Today I've been recovering from my busy weekend. Other than running a few errands I've pretty much been home all day picking up my house and doing a bazillion dishes that I acquired over the weekend.
The girls were out of food so I ran to PetSmart and while I was browsing I decided to get them a new toy. Even though they have a million already they actually haven't gotten a new one since their birthday in March. They were super excited about it and have already killed the squeeker inside.
You may wonder why I didn't get 3 toys since I have 3 puppies with me but that would be totally pointless. Because toys are just like bones. One is always better than the other and they fight over who gets the best one.
So that was my weekend in a nutshell. It was a great one! I hope yours was as well!!

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