Friday, October 18, 2013

15 Weeks

Fifteen weeks pregnant today! The weeks seem to be flying by at this point. Here's this weeks update.

Size of Baby: 2 1/2 ounces and 4 inches long or about the size of an apple.

How I'm Feeling: Feeling much better. I have a little nausea here and there and managed to go 5 whole days without getting sick (I back tracked a little bit on Wednesday) but I think the morning sickness is on it's way out!

Cravings: Still no cravings unless you count tea. I want tea all day, every day but I was like that before I got pregnant too. My appetite is much better than it has been and I may actually be able to stomach eating our usual, grilled chicken and vegetables for dinner. We're going to try it next week.

Clothes: I'm still in all of my regular clothes and don't see that changing any time soon. When I first got pregnant I assumed I'd have to move to maternity pants by the beginning of November (since I'll be 5 months at that point) but I think I've still got a while before I'll have to do that.
Movement: Still no movement yet. Everything I read says you usually don't feel anything until between 16-22 weeks. Like I said last week, I'm so ready to feel the baby move! It has to be the coolest feeling ever!!!

Changes in Me: I've gained half a pound. Since I'm starting to feel better now I'm sure the scale will start moving up instead of going down. I can't help but wonder how much I'm going to gain within the next 25 weeks.

Baby Purchases: I purchased one little outfit from Baby Gap that I've had my eyes on for a while. I love baby clothes from the Gap. It's my favorite store and I plan on doing a lot of shopping there! My friend and neighbor, Nikki, bought me a bunch of diapers and baby wipes in exchange for giving her girls a haircut. It's my first set of diapers to own. I'd almost like to start slowly stocking up on them now but I have no idea what kind to get. If any of you mom's out there want to share what diapers you prefer and why I'd certainly appreciate it!

Favorite Moment This Week: Checking in on the little one and hearing the heartbeat. It's always comforting knowing everything is still going good in there!

Looking Forward To: A nice relaxing weekend with my husband. We don't have anything on the agenda. It's very chilly up here today so curling up on the sofa and turning on our fireplace for the first time this weekend seems simply amazing!


  1. Love getting to read these!!!! Can't wait to see you with a for real baby belly!!!!!!

    Oh, and I love pampers (swaddlers and then cruisers when he/she gets bigger). Huggies were horrible for my girls.

    1. I consistently hear that Pampers are the best but then I meet a few die hard Huggies fans and it confuses me. I'll probably go buy one of those huge boxes of Pampers at Sam's first then take it from there!

  2. I am also pregnant (25 weeks yesterday)...everyone I have talked to has recommended the Pampers Swaddlers! Good luck with just gets better and better as you start to feel movement consistently!

    1. Aw congratulations! It's such a fun time isn't it?!!

    2. Pampers Swaddlers all the way!!! We tried Huggies and Luvs and had horrible experiences with both...rashes/leaking/etc! So excited for you!