Friday, November 8, 2013

18 Weeks

18 weeks today! It's crazy that I'm almost to the halfway mark. I know I say this every week but it's all going by so fast. I have the Sprout pregnancy app on my phone (I also have the Baby Center and What to Expect apps too, all of which I love and suggest you have if you're pregnant). I like the Sprout app because it shows you a picture of what your baby looks like with every changing week. I remember when I first found out I was pregnant I was skimming through the week by week photos and the 18 week photo really stood out to me. At that point 18 weeks seemed so far away. Now here we are!

Size of Baby: 7 ounces and 5 1/2 inches long. About the size of a bell pepper.

How I'm Feeling: I feel great! I did get sick last Saturday, last night and this morning but it always just comes on really fast then it's over with. Other than those few moments I feel really, really good.

Cravings: I still don't have cravings but my appetite for breakfast has changed. I used to wake up in the morning famished. Right when my eyes popped open I went to the kitchen to hunt for some breakfast food but lately I've gone back to my old ways and haven't been hungry in the morning. Before I got pregnant I used to just have a glass of orange juice or a cappuccino and call it good. Now I feel like even if I'm not hungry I should eat something. Pop Tarts are a really nutritious option right?

Clothes: I'm still wearing all of my regular clothes but I did make my first maternity clothing purchase this week and my Mom also took me shopping and was so sweet to get me some maternity clothes as well. I now have 3 pairs of jeans, a couple of sweaters and tops and 2 summer dresses I found on clearance that will be great come April. The dresses and jeans definitely seem maternity but I honestly cannot tell a difference in maternity tops and regular tops except that maternity tops are a little longer. I got a really cute sweater from the Gap that I wore yesterday and I literally don't understand why it's considered maternity. It fits just like all of my other sweaters do and I actually checked the label to see if it was, in fact, maternity. I don't see myself wearing it in....say, February because I think it will be entirely too tight on my stomach but for now (just like all of my other normal clothes) it works!

Movement: No movement (insert sad face). When did you start to feel your baby fluttering around consistently? I feel like I'm late to the party and it's kind of bumming me out.

Changes in Me: I've grown a little more this week. I know that probably seems obvious but since I went so long without any type of growth I feel like I should mention it. I also have to use the restroom more times in one day than you could possibly imagine. There are some things I'll miss about being pregnant but this is not one of them.

Baby Purchases: Mom, Scott and I went to baby gap earlier this week and after commenting on how cute every single article of clothing in there was (for both genders) Scott and I narrowed it down to 3 little pieces. They're all for fall next year. Two of the items were on sale for a great price and one item was so cute that I just had to have it right away for fear they would sell out. It's crazy that I'm buying clothes that won't be used for a whole entire year but I cannot help myself. It's addicting.

Favorite Moment This Week: I've been able to hear the little one's heartbeat several times this week just for fun. A couple of times I could tell the baby was sleeping because the heartbeat stayed in one spot. A couple of other times the baby was wide awake and moving all over the place and we kept having to move the doppler to find it again!

Looking Forward To: My doctors appointment next Thursday! We're doing our big anatomy scan and I'm really looking forward to it. At my last ultrasound we learned our gender but it was only like, 80-90 percent certainty. I say only like that's not a high enough percentage. Ha! We totally could have announced the gender already but I wanted to wait until we were 100% sure. Next week we'll be 100% sure. I'm not only excited to share the big news with everyone but finally start getting the nursery ready too. I'll also be able to throw those clothing receipts away that I've been keeping "just to be on the safe side." I've heard one too many stories of people thinking they knew the gender then finding out a few weeks later (or at birth!!!!) that it ended up being the opposite of what they were originally told.