Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Campbell's Closet {Fall/Winter Edition}

One of my favorite things about expecting a baby is shopping for little mini clothes! Right when I found out I was pregnant I started browsing the baby isles in department stores and couldn't wait until I knew the gender so I could actually start buying things. When I found out I was having a boy I was so worried that shopping for blue instead of pink wouldn't bring me as much joy. I had honestly never really paid attention to boy clothes because I was too distracted by the adorable girl clothes to even notice them. Once I started to shop for Campbell I realized that I am going to have just as much fun shopping for a boy as I would a girl. Boy clothes are so cute and I love, love stocking my little guy's closet. Spring and summer clothes haven't hit the stores yet but there is absolutely no way that I could be patient enough to wait around for them to arrive before I started buying things. The fall and winter clothes that are out right now are so cute and I just had to purchase some items even though we have a whole entire year before he'll get to wear them. Today I thought I'd share Campbell's closet with you guys and give you a small glimpse into what his little style will look like!

1.) This was one of the first outfits I bought for Campbell. It's one of my favorites and I bet he'll look so adorable in it come fall 2014!
2.) I'm kind of obsessed with this plaid one piece. It will be so precious for him to wear during the holidays and I think it looks super cute paired with the little jean jacket. Gap labeled this as a "cool mom pick" and I have to admit, that label makes me love it even more.
3.) I like that this is a shirt with a little onesie underneath. This will be perfect for fall weather.
4.) As you can see, I like one piece rompers. This, like #2, is lined with flannel so not only is it cute but it will be really soft and comfortable for him as well.
5.) I love this old grandpa-looking sweater. It will be great for layering.
6.) I bought this sweater jumpsuit at Target the day I found out I was having a boy. It was one of the few boy items that caught my eye before I knew the gender and I told myself if I was having a boy I had to go back and get it.
7.) One baby clothing item that I am obsessed with is Kickee Pants. It's my go-to baby gift because the material is so soft and they look so comfortable. Campbell will definitely be lounging in lots of Kickee Pants!
8.) I found these Ugg knockoff's at TJ Maxx and I love them. I feel like baby shoes can be kind of awkward because they look too big and bulky and impractical. I think these boots will be perfect for keeping his little feet warm in the winter and I feel like they'll stay on really well while he's crawling around on the floor. My husband isn't the biggest fan of them but oh well.
9.) I'm not usually drawn to clothes with phrases on them and we probably won't own many but Meet Me Under The Mistletoe.....I mean, how could I resist that?

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