Tuesday, November 26, 2013

My Home At Christmas

I love decorating my house for Christmas. I have so many Christmas decorations stored in my attic and I look forward to the anticipation of pulling them out and setting them up every year. I usually go all out and it takes me days and days to decorate my house but this year it's gone a little differently. I did a few things here and there and maybe I'll add a little bit to it but I didn't put up as much Christmas this year as I have in the past. We're going to be out of a town a lot of December and I honestly just didn't feel like messing with decorating. I'm not being a scrooge, I promise! My house is still festive and fun but on a smaller scale than usual. Want to take a peek inside?
This is only my second Christmas in my house but every year I love my mantel. The white works really well with Christmas decorations! As I was putting up our stockings I thought about next year and how we'll have 5 hanging up instead of 4!
I did my Christmas tree different this year and went with an all white and silver theme. It's very pretty and I'm really enjoying the change!

I always love the way ornaments look in clear containers so I copied what I did last year and stuck some pastel colored ornaments in my lantern and placed a mini poinsettia beside it. I always enjoy the way this turns out. Side note: I love that photo of Ivy and Madison. I took it of them right before they got their first haircut. They look like such little babies in that picture! 
My absolute favorite part of my Christmas decorations is my Department 56 Snow Village. I didn't get to put it up last year because the table that it's sitting on now hadn't come in yet and we didn't have anywhere else to put it. I usually add a new house every year but what we have on this table now is all that will fit so Scott and I aren't real sure how we're going to be able to continue to add to our collection. Hopefully we can figure something out because it's so fun adding to it every year!
So there you go! That's my Christmas decor this year. I still have one more piece to add before it's all complete and I'll probably get to that at some point today. I have a bunch of beautiful glass ornaments with holly painted on them and I always like to do something with them in remembrance of the best Christmas present I've ever received, my sweet Holly. Christmas will always remind me of my sweet girl and I like to do something special to feel like she is somehow still included. 

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