Monday, November 25, 2013

Won't You Be My Neighbor?

How is it already Monday? My weekend flew by! I spent my Friday helping my best buds unpack/move into their new house. Oh and I should probably mention that these best buds of mine officially live 2 doors down from me. TWO! One. Two. Two doors down the street. Can I get a Woo Hoo?! My two absolute closest and bestest girlfriends both live in the same neighborhood as me now and I could not be more thrilled.
Jaclyn, Jacqueline and I have nearly been inseperable since bid day 10 years ago. We lived together in the Kappa house, we take trips together, we were all in each others weddings, we spend our weekends together and now we live in the same neighborhood! Jax (right) and her husband moved into the neighborhood in August and Jaclyn (center) and her husband are the ones who moved in next door (basically) over the weekend. Doesn't every girl dream of living in the same neighborhood with her best friends!? Having them living so close makes me so, so happy! I keep telling y'all that I live in the best neighborhood in NWA and this is officially the cherry on top!
While Jaclyn was unpacking her new house her pup, Rose, came to our house to play. My girls are obsessed with Rose. Her name is one of their favorite words and they love when she comes over. Hopefully they'll get to see a lot more of her now that she lives next door. Nothing would thrill them more.
I spent the majority of my day yesterday getting my house decorated for Christmas. I usually wait until after Thanksgiving to decorate but since it's only 30 days until Christmas I figured I should get the ball rolling. Everything is pretty much finished except for a few little things here and there. I'll share pics tomorrow! Until then....

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