Friday, December 6, 2013

22 Weeks

When we booked this trip to Jamaica I was so curious to know what I would look like in a swimsuit at this point and if I would feel comfortable wearing one. To be perfectly honest, I kind of like being pregnant in a bikini. It's nice to just let my belly hang out and I don't have to worry about sucking in when I'm taking pictures. Scott has taken quite a few bump pics of me this week and I love that I have them. Even though it makes me a little (okay a lot) nervous to do it (these photos feel very personal!!) I thought I'd share a few of the swimsuit pics with you all today for this weeks update
Size of Baby: 11 inches and almost 1 pound, about the size of a spaghetti squash. I can't believe the little guy is a whole pound now! He's getting so big.

How I'm Feeling: I feel wonderful! The trip has been incredibly relaxing and I'm grateful I feel good and that I'm able to really enjoy it.

Cravings/Appetite: I've been eating tons of fruit (especially pineapple) and I'm loving all of the sweets at the breakfast buffet. Pina Coladas (rum free of course) have never tasted better to me. I probably have 4 a day.

Clothes: I've been able to wear a lot of my loose summer dresses at night and it's been very nice and comfortable! I brought a couple of maternity dresses that I bought at the Gap a few weeks ago. They were so loose in the stomach when I bought them and they fit perfect now. It's so crazy how much everything changes in just a few short weeks! I really like the way the dresses fit. They'll get worn a lot come April I'm sure!
Movement: Campbell loves to move! He moves more and more every few days and his little kicks get stronger and stronger. On Sunday night I was laying in bed and I felt him move completely to my right side. It was so crazy and so, so neat! I could feel his whole little body curled up in one spot and it made my eyes water and brought the biggest grin to my face. Sometimes it really hits me that I've got a little baby inside of me and it just overwhelms me with joy. He's done that quite a few times since then and I love it. My belly gets rock hard in the spot that he's decided to hang out in and the rest of it is softer. It's so amazing!
On Wednesday I was laying on the beach listening to music on my phone. I decided to put the little ear buds on my stomach to see what Campbell would do. Almost instantly he started kicking like crazy. I thought it was so cute and funny and then I got worried that maybe I scared him. What if he likes his quiet, cozy home and that music really upset and frightened him? I stressed over it for a solid hour and regretted doing it. Can you say paranoid? Just imagine what I'll be like when he gets here.

Change in Me: I haven't noticed anything real different this week. Other than an unmistakable baby bump, everything else is pretty normal!

Baby Purchases: You would think that being away on vacation on a Carribean island would keep me away from buying baby clothes but it hasn't. I had some Gap coupons that I could only use this week so I sent my Mom to get Campbell some outfits and I ordered a couple of things online that they didn't have in the store. I have a problem.....But I saved 50%!
Favorite Moment This Week: A couple of times a day Scott asks me what Campbell is up to. One of the times that he asked me that, Campbell was moving so Scott put his hand on my belly to feel him and goes "he's so cute." It made me laugh on the inside. We're already head over heels in love with this little guy and think that it's the most adorable thing in the world that he moves around. We're going to try really hard not to spoil him but I'm not promising anything.

Looking Forward to: Heading home tomorrow! I love going on vacation yet I always can't wait to get back home!

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