Friday, December 13, 2013

23 Weeks

Size of Baby: 1.1 pounds and 11 1/2 inches long, about the size of a large mango. I read that he's gaining about 6 ounces every week right now. He's definitely going through a growth spurt and I can totally tell!

How I'm Feeling: I've been getting really tired this week and haven't had as much energy as I have in the weeks prior. I know you start getting really fatigued when the third trimester hits but since that's still a few weeks away, I'm hoping Campbell is just having a big growth spurt this week and that's what's making me so tired. I've also been suffering from more heartburn than usual. It usually hits me about the same time every night and lasts until I fall asleep. It's not too horrible but it's a little bit uncomfortable. I'm hoping this heartburn means he's going to come out with a full head of dark hair just like his Mommy and Daddy did! With the exception of those two things, I feel really great!

Cravings/Appetite: I have been so hungry this week. Again, I'm thinking Campbell is having a big growth spurt. I've eaten way more this week than I usually do but I can't help it because I'm so hungry! Yesterday I had six (yes six!!) mini cupcakes from Fresh Market within about 20 minutes. I don't regret it.

Clothes: All of my regular clothes are still working for me. I wear a lot of Hue leggings and I love them because they're really comfortable---pregnant or not. I can still squeeze into all of my regular tops and dresses too. Of course I have a few maternity pants and tops that I wear all the time and the few things I have, I really like. I've surprised myself by how much I like showing my bump off. I always imagined I would wear looser fitting tops but I think the bump is cute right now and I love wearing tops that are a little tighter around my belly.
Movement: Oh you know it! I had my monthly doctors appointment yesterday and I was describing some of the things Campbell does and she told me a lot of women can't feel some of the things I'm experiencing. I'm so glad I can feel them!! I can usually tell what's a foot or head or bottom bumping up against me and it's so strong I sometimes lift up my shirt to see if I can see something from the outside. I haven't caught anything yet but I got an email today saying I should start seeing that any day now. I know I say it all the time but I just absolutely love feeling him moving around! It's hands down my favorite part about being pregnant.

Changes in Me: We measured my belly at the doctor for the first time and I measured at exactly 23 weeks. Other than what feels like an incredibly large belly, everything else is still normal. My skin is the same, my rings still fit, I'm not swollen anywhere and my belly button is still in. My hair is growing at super speed these days and I know it supposedly gets thicker but I haven't really noticed a change as far as that goes.

Baby Purchases: I have this thing where after every doctor visit, I leave and go straight to the store to get something new for Campbell. I found the sweetest little pale blue and white striped Polo pajamas yesterday. They're so tiny and soft.

Favorite Moment This Week: Even though we don't really do much, I always enjoy my doctor visits. It's just reassuring to know everything always looks good! I'm going back in three weeks then after that I'll start going every two weeks. We booked an appointment to do the 4D ultrasound while we were there. I don't really have high hopes for it because any pictures that I've ever seen from them haven't been very impressive to me but I still want to do it. Any chance to see my little guy, I'm taking!

Looking Forward To: Dinner. I'm starving y'all.


  1. You look beautiful in the pink sweater rocking that baby bump!

    1. Thank you Rosamond! I hope you have a Merry Christmas!!!!