Monday, December 16, 2013

Car Seats & Strollers

Happy Monday everyone! Is it me or is December flying by? Scott and I had a great weekend. We had dinner with friends on Friday night and stayed up way past my bedtime. On Saturday Scott and I decided to go to The Baby's Room here in Rogers and pick out Campbell's car seat and stroller. I feel like we hit the jackpot because a guy from New York, who just so happens to be some kind of child safety person, was in there and he spent about 45 minutes with us going over anything and everything that has to do with car seats and the different companies that make them. It was amazing! We got our own little car seat safety course and had someone who knows everything about them give us an unbiased opinion on which car seat he thinks is best for us. We decided to go with the UPPAbaby Mesa car seat and I'm super excited about it!
I've heard great things about UPPAbaby in general and since we're going with the UPPA car seat, we're getting the stroller to match. I had pretty much planned on getting this stroller regardless because I think it's really cool and I've heard great things about it. Campbell will be cruising around in the Cruz!
I like that they're both a little more modern and less baby-ish. I'm so excited about getting this car seat and stroller! I used to feel bad for people who had to clutter their cars with car seats. Now I can't wait to have a car seat in my the little passenger that comes along with it!
On Sunday Scott and I went to Target to register for baby gear there. I thought that I had done enough research to know exactly what I needed and low and behold I'm still fairly clueless. She doesn't know it yet but I'm going to recruit my best friend, Jaclyn, and make her go with me to show me what all I need. The category that threw me the most was the pumping stuff. I was like ????
And that's mostly what my weekend consisted of. I'm sure to some of you that seems super uneventful (which I get because I was totally like that at one point) but it was so fun and exciting! Scott was even getting into it. This whole pregnancy I've always felt like my due date was so far away and after this weekend I feel like it's so, so close. And I still have SO much to do. Trying not to panic......


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