Tuesday, December 17, 2013

An Empty Tree

Who has gotten their Christmas shopping done? I'm failing big time but I'm slowly getting caught up. I don't have one single present wrapped under my tree. Partly because I only have two gifts to wrap but also....Ivy loves laying under the Christmas tree and I feel bad taking that away from her. The tree is starting to look a little sad without any presents under it though so I guess I'll wrap up a couple of things tomorrow.
Today I met my Mom in Clarksville with sweet little Grace. Our house always feels a little empty when Grace leaves us but luckily we'll get to see her in exactly one week from today. I decided on my way back up to NWA to stop in Fayetteville and do a little Christmas shopping. I popped in Carters to exchange a gift for a different size and they had a bunch of their spring/summer stuff out which means Campbell's pending arrival is getting closer and closer!! 
Speaking of Christmas shopping, I've never had a hard time shopping for my nephew, Landon, but this year I have no idea what to get him. Has anyone seen a cool gift that an 8 year old would love? I need help and suggestions.....although I'm sure I'll just go with my classic and get him the ever so overpriced Legos that he loves. 
These sweet, snuggly sisters are making me sleepy. I think I'll follow in their footsteps now and do what they're doing. 

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