Friday, December 27, 2013

25 Weeks

Size of Baby: 1.5 pounds and 13 1/2 inches long, about the weight of a cauliflower.

How I'm Feeling: Still feeling great and the round ligament pains haven't been as bad this week so that's good. They're still happening but not as often and it mostly occurs if I'm standing for long periods of time or being really active. I always just stop what I'm doing immediately and go sit down and it takes care of the pain almost instantly.

Cravings/Appetite: Pass the salads! I can't get enough of them lately. I like the cold, I like the crunch....they are extra yummy to me right now. I'm still so into sweets. Thank goodness NWA doesn't have a Baskin Robbins because I've been visiting that place a lot since I've been in Little Rock.

Clothes: The majority of my clothes still fit with maternity jeans thrown into the mix. I don't think I have much longer of being able to pick and choose whatever I want to wear that's hanging in my closet though. Some tops that used to be really loose on me are looking a little snug!

Movement: I was taking a nap on Christmas day and my little guy woke me up because he was moving around so much. That's the first time his movement has woken me up from sleep. He also thinks it's comfortable to stick his leg/foot/arm in the right side of my ribs. It doesn't hurt but it's definitely not comfortable especially when I'm sitting down. Sometimes he kicks me so hard it makes my whole body jolt forward. He's getting stronger and stronger and his presence is pretty hard to miss these days!

Changes in Me: My energy is starting to slow down. I'm definitely not as tired as I was during my first trimester (that level of fatigue would be pretty hard to beat) but I don't have as much pep in my step as I have in the previous weeks. I always want to take a nap but I'm worried if I do, I won't be able to fall asleep at night so I try really hard not to. I also get winded really easily these days which makes me feel so out of shape.
Baby Purchases: I've discovered I have an obsession with burp cloths which doesn't really surprise me since I'm obsessed with kitchen towels and they're kind of similar. I bought a couple yesterday at The Toggery even though they were a touch overpriced but I just had to have them. I've registered for some at Bella Jacks in Fayetteville and I can't stop thinking about how cool they are. I don't know what my deal is with burp cloths but I love them!

Favorite Moment This Week: Landon is really sweet with the baby. He likes to lay next to me on the sofa with his hand on my belly so he can feel Campbell move. He'll constantly say "I felt him! I felt him!" even though Campbell's never moving when he "feels" him. Landon educated me on how babies grow in bellies which was interesting. Apparently they start out as just bodies first then they get arms and legs and then the head grows last. Landon also keeps saying "you don't look fat at all" which is a really sweet compliment coming from him since he would totally tell me if he thought I did.

Looking Forward To: Thursday. Because when Thursday rolls around my baby count down will officially say I have 99 days left until my due date. And that is just crazy to me!


  1. Burp cloths is a good obsession to have... You'll need 736 of them! =) you look amazing!!

    1. Thanks girl! :)
      I've heard I'll need a lot so that's good since I'm racking up!

  2. "You don't look fat at all!" Hahahaha, that cracked me up. .