Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas 2013

Scott and I drove down to Little Rock late last night and made it to my parents house around 12:30 am. Waking up to the delicious breakfast that my Mom cooked made the long drive late at night all worth it.
After breakfast and nap number 1, we all went to my brothers house to see what Santa brought Landon. Once he showed us all of his new toys, we came back home and I indulged in nap number 2. I was extra tired for some reason.
We didn't eat lunch so we had plenty of room for our Christmas dinner. I snacked all day on sweet treats my Mom made and was vibrating from a sugar high by mid-afternoon. Dinner rolled around and everything on my plate got devoured. Christmas dinner was extra, extra delicious this year. Everyone at the table laughed at me when I declared that.....but it was!!! Once we finished dinner it was finally time to open our Christmas presents!
Scott and I ended up getting Landon some Pok√©mon cards and a big box ("from the bottom shelf") of Ninjago Legos. I didn't get any good pictures of the girls but they had a lot of presents and they thoroughly enjoyed tearing into them. Madison, especially, loved opening her Christmas presents and she's just as good at it as Holly was. It makes my heart happy.
Another good Christmas is in the books! It was a simple day with just the seven of us but I loved it. Being with my family on Christmas is the best Christmas present I could have.

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